Month: July 2018

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YOU have a selling agent, BUT do YOU have a ‘Buying agent’??

Hi Guys! Nick here! – i thought i would discuss ‘buying agents’ with you. what is a ‘buying agent’ …. well, its simple. its an american way of doing things to a certain extent. when buying a property in america (and possibly other countries) you can appoint a Estate Agent (or real estate agent as … Read more

The Bird’s Estate, Rayleigh – is it for you?

The Bird’s Estate is a popular housing development that was created in a small sector of Rayleigh approx 18-20 years ago. Over the years it has become increasing popular for commuters that are looking for a good sized family home within a short walk to the station , which has the added bonus of links … Read more

Grove Wood Primary School *New Sponsorship*

We have some GOOD NEWS! On the 22nd February we had a visit from Clare & Michelle from Grove Wood primary school’s parent’s associations (also known as PAGWPS) to discuss the potential support/sponsorship between themselves and Nest. During the meeting we discussed various things, bounced around loads of ideas and they have agreed that Nest … Read more

Property Prices – What is ‘Instruction for reduction’???

Where do I start! – Instruction for reduction! one of the terms I hate the most within the industry! albeit I have not heard the saying mentioned a lot, but I hear and see the tactics being used on a near daily basis… so, what is it? – Instruction for reduction is whereby an Estate … Read more

Are the days of an ‘Estate agent’ over???

i think so! …. as time is going the market is changing, i look at other countries and notice the their property industry has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. so why hasn’t the UK’s? If anything i would say it has got more complex! there are more checks, longer conveyancing times, more surveys, … Read more

Does your property stand out from the crowd?

So… I attended a valuation last night and something was discussed that is something i want to share with you all! Ok, so ‘if’ you are currently on the market this will apply to you! i obviously wont go into too much detail so for the purpose of this article the gentleman had a 3 … Read more

Is your agent acting quickly?

Check out my video explaining how you can conduct a very ‘simple’ test to find out if your agent is acting on Rightmove enquiries fast, and efficient to ensure they capture your potential purchasers at the best possible time. Check out my video:  

How to speed up your sale!

SO, I wanted to cover some different ways to speed up the property selling process… In the UK the average transaction can be anything from 6 weeks to 18 weeks or even longer in some cased! That’s anything from 42 days… In the USA some properties sell in as little as 30 days! … so … Read more

Should we take deposits for properties?

Should we take deposits for properties? In the UK there is very little commitment for any purchaser to make on a property should they wish to purchase the property which gives the seller little security right up until exchange of contacts, the same for buyers… sellers can pull out at almost any point. Some ‘new … Read more

‘I want to find a property before I sell mine’

NO! – this is awful… this is normally followed up with ‘because they sell very quick on my road’ or ‘my estate agent told me they wont have an issue with selling it quickly’ – both statements are in now way factual. so why is this a bad options? … well… 1 – if everybody … Read more