Are the days of an ‘Estate agent’ over???

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Are the days of an ‘Estate agent’ over???

i think so! …. as time is going the market is changing, i look at other countries and notice the their property industry has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. so why hasn’t the UK’s?

If anything i would say it has got more complex! there are more checks, longer conveyancing times, more surveys, even the mortgage process is a time consuming part of it…

It frustrates me when you look at other countries developing the property industry quicker than they UK completes on an ‘average’ property sale! do we want to be left behind?

I believe, the days of an ‘Estate Agent’ is over, 10 years ago you would walk down to your local office/high street, walk in, plonk yourself down, get a cup of coffee and the agent would show you 5, 10, 15 or EVEN 20, Different properties. you would be given nice glossy brochures and you would walk away mulling these over if you haven’t already committed to viewings….

Now, the glossy brochure is a glossy screen, either a phone, tablet or computer, that is the moment you are sat down and get shown these properties… so what is missing between 10 years ago and now? …. THE AGENT! …..

now, dont get me wrong, i dont believe that Estate Agents are no longer required (a good one at least) but i feel the role has developed, more into a property marketing expert than estate agents, after all marketing is now our ‘thing’, we need to focus alot more on the presentation of properties, ensuring the online adverts are perfect and attractive and less about the ‘old’ way of doing things.

our role, i believe is completely underrated! ive had endless reviews on being contactable out of hours and solving problems, so i believe we are still required more now than ever however i feel the industry needs to develop.

so the question is, when appointing an agent, is their tactic relevant? do they have a plan? or are they outdated with their approach…..

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Until the next time!