Does your property stand out from the crowd?

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Does your property stand out from the crowd?

So… I attended a valuation last night and something was discussed that is something i want to share with you all!

Ok, so ‘if’ you are currently on the market this will apply to you!

i obviously wont go into too much detail so for the purpose of this article the gentleman had a 3 bedroom semi detached house for £335,000….. he is currently on with 2 agents, a well known high street corporate and an established independent agent. The homeowner (for reasons i wont go into) is not happy with one of these agents and the other hasn’t delivered what they promised.. so, he invited me round for a ‘chat’ about what we do, how we do it and why we do it………..

Before i went round i printed off every 3 bed semi detached house in Rayleigh up to £350,000. we had quite a few all around the same price within the town and we went through them all… on doing so, we looked at which property stood out the most.. AND it wasn’t his, infact his stood out the least out of them all! so it was clear that if you was looking at this price range there was nothing jumping out to make you want to view his, THIS needed to be changed immediately.

we then established his floor-plan wasn’t great, sure it explained the layout of the property but it wasn’t in the correct ratios so made the property look alot more narrow than it was.

overall it seemed the agent(s) were not focused on the marketing…. BUT its something that i think needed to be looked at..

So my advise is, if you are on the market at the moment, take a look at your property and see if it stands out against similar properties of the same value. IF it doesn’t then you need to refocus on your market, refresh it, and ensure it stands out or at the very minimum looks ‘one of the best’ in your price range!

if you want to discuss how this is possible or would like any property related advise please give me a call on 01268 500988