Grove Wood Primary School *New Sponsorship*

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Grove Wood Primary School *New Sponsorship*

We have some GOOD NEWS!

On the 22nd February we had a visit from Clare & Michelle from Grove Wood primary school’s parent’s associations (also known as PAGWPS) to discuss the potential support/sponsorship between themselves and Nest.

During the meeting we discussed various things, bounced around loads of ideas and they have agreed that Nest would be an appropriate estate agent to sponsor them! Which is something we are delighted about!

There was loads of events discussed some of them are restricted to the school kids/parents/guardians however some of them are open to the public. Most of all the open-air Cinema which is planning on being held in September AND the Christmas market/fare held at Grove school during the last week of November!

Of course, with these events we are hoping for plenty of advertisement boards to be erected to advertise the school and draw attention to some of the events so if your child doesn’t go to grove school (yet) or maybe even go to another school BUT you are happy to have a board up for any events over the course of 2018 then please get in touch!

It appears that Grove have previously been sponsored by agents however this hasn’t proven fruitful for them and as a result they were on the hunt for somebody else. Fortunately, we were able to have this meeting at just the right time as they made their decision.

This is a great result as all the members of staff at Nest ALL have personal experience’s with Grove wood school with two members of staff having children  attending the school currently.

There were some new ideas bounced around and a possible meeting with Mr Green, the headteacher of Grove wood is on the cards to discuss other potential opportunities.

Overall, I would like to extend my thanks not only to all the PAGWPS but to Clare and Michelle for taking the time to come and meet us, get to know the company but also to allow us to sponsor Grove wood primary school throughout the up and coming events!

Should you wish to know more about our sponsorship and/or events due during 2018 please feel free to get in touch!