Should I go for a second viewing?

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Should I go for a second viewing?

So many agents now days are so keen to put a deal together they often forget the rule of 2nd viewings.

I personally, will not agree a sale to any party unless they have viewed a property twice. why? well its simple. change of heart.

On the first viewing its often quite emotional, you find yourself taking in a huge amount of information and not really paying attention to what matter. you imagine yourself living there and with your furniture, enjoying BBQ’s that sort of thing, but rarely to do you pay attention to detail…

on the second viewing, you are looking more into the practical side of things, is it actually going to work, do you need to improve anything, is it still as nice as you thought, have you seen something that you are now having 2nd thoughts of?

The other thing, on the first viewing your are overwhelmed with information, the second is slower – alot more time to take in the information you need to, to make an informative decision on if you wish to proceed or not.

Ive had buyers in the past, view a property once, put in an offer, have it accepted only to pull out after the second viewing. which shows its not worth taking the risk…

so my message to sellers – DO NOT agree a sale to anybody until they have had minimum 2 viewings of your property, it may seem great you have an offer but only accept it subject to the second viewing.

To buyers – always second view a property, be sure, often going back with parents is helpful, or even a friend. Not to say you are not responsible enough to make a decision its more to cast a second pair of eyes over a property as they may see problems you may not see until its too late.

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