One call can make all the difference.

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One call can make all the difference.

One call can make all the difference.

I recently met a client whereby we discussed marketing their property. They had a number of agents round from various different models including online, hybrid and high street.

On discussing everything with them they were pleased with my proposal. However, they were torn between two.

Us being a hybrid and a high street agent that their parents used previous.

The high street agent was adamant they wanted to market the property and wasn’t worried if it was as a single agent or as a multiple agency set up. Which is great, clearly shows their confidence in what they do.

But I had a suggestion…

You see, the high street agent had spoken a lot about his position, his mailing list, regular ‘walk-in’ clients, and relationships with buyers he has built over YEARS.

So, I proposed. Let the high street agent market the property, but ONLY in the shop and to his mailing list. Which is clearly his strength.

Then allow us to market the property online, utilising all the portals and social media platforms, which is our strength.

This means, two agents working for you, using both their strengths but without being tarnished with the multi-agency advertisements online which ultimately effect negotiation.

You only pay the agent that has a successful sale, meaning nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The client was amazed by this suggestion, “never thought of that” she replied. She immediately got on the phone while I was there and spoke to the agent.

Immediately I saw the look on her face change, within seconds after suggesting it.

She then put the phone on loudspeaker, so I could hear what was being said.

Now look, he is a really nice guy. Ive been working in the same town as him for years now and he really is nice. BUT he had every single excuse in the book, plus some extras…

Things like “it wouldn’t work as people wouldn’t entertain it if I had it in the shop but not on Rightmove”… then after a game of verbal tennis with either party arguing the case the agent then said “I’m never going to sell it unless I can market it online” … BINGO!

The look on the client’s face changed again, she swiftly ended the phone call.

So, his big speech about mailing lists, shop windows, relationships with buyers, was all sales patter. With the one phone call that agent had gone from having an instruction to losing a client. All in the space of around 5minuetes.

It just goes to show the industry has changed. Online marketing is a must, and its so important. Estate agents simply cannot survive without it.

So next time you are listening to “We have a mailing list” speech, just think. Have they? Or is it just another sales pitch of empty promises….