Why is professional photography so important?

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Why is professional photography so important?

Why is professional photography so important?

Well its pretty easy to explain. would you send an electrician to do a carpenter’s job? Or expect a bus driver to be the stig? … no.

You see, when your looking on Rightmove, Zoopla or Social media you’re only using one of your senses. Sight. So therefore, you have to ensure that pictures are as attractive as possible.

With photographers they not only ensure the staging is Right, but they take the time with the correct lighting, filters, lens. everything! Plus, a bit of editing afterwards to remove anything that doesn’t need to be there. it is an art.

Let’s take McDonald’s for example, everyone knows the pictures, you turn up and see this perfect looking big mac on the picture, not a single bit of lettuce out of place, the perfect amount of sauce and everything in line almost like they have used a spirit level to make sure its perfect.

What is it like when it arrives? … all over the place, often like its been thrown into the box from 10 feet away. But do you care? Not really. The main thing is you bought the big mac based on the image, that caused you to go and order it, wait a few minutes for your meal.

What about Marks and Spencer’s? Think of their adverts, how nice does that Lasagne look? Its perfect! You can see the steam rising from it, the sauce, the cheese its all perfect! Does it look like that when you actually buy it? No, do you care? Not really! But you bought it because it looked great…

Its not different to property. If the pictures are perfect, that will cause the person looking at it to call up. Which means the estate agent can do their job of selling the lifestyle and benefits of the property.

Long gone are the days where the agent turns up, pulls out his £60 Argos camera and takes photos of your home. Sure, some agents still do it. BUT you can’t settle for it! – it McDonalds put so much effort into a £3 burger, the same amount of effort should be put into your home.

So, what I am trying to say, is that your only get use one sense when choosing to call the agent to enquire further, so you have to make sure you maximise that opportunity. Which means NOT accepting 2nd best.