4 of 10.

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4 of 10.

So, the 4 or 10, what is it and how can it help you!

Well image this. Write a list of everything that the ‘perfect’ property would have, this could be things like its location, a garage, open plan living.

Here a few things to consider.You can always change the house, you can’t change the location, so location should be key. So, pick your location. BUT. Don’t stick to one. For example, I met someone who wanted Rayleigh ideally BUT would consider Hockley or Hullbridge (neighbouring towns) IF it has a big 100ft+ garden. So, you want to select at least 2 location you would be happy with.

If your list has “parking for 2 cars” this restricts you massively. Instead, look for something that had a big enough front garden (that you could extend the driveway OR create a new driveway on) just to make sure you keep your options open.

The number of bedrooms. Be realistic. I meet so many couples where its just them and they are looking for a 3 bed but have the budget of the lower end 3 beds. Why not look at 2 beds and get a high budget 2 bed that’s perfect… after all, is the 3rd room going to be a junk room? Or a guest room? (they end up being the same thing!).

Walk to the station. Don’t look for your ‘ideal 10 min walk’. For example, the most I would of walks would be 20 mins. I didn’t want anything further than that. So, put down your ‘deal breaker distance’

Garden. Be careful with this, everybody wants a south facing garden… is it really necessary.

Anyway, make a list of 10 things. Here was mine on my last search.

  • 3 bedrooms
  • Potential for parking 2 cars
  • Separate dining room OR potential for a conservatory
  • Downstairs wc
  • 40ft+ garden
  • No more than 20 min walk to the station
  • Ensuite to the master bedroom or a bedroom big enough to add one.
  • Fairly modern kitchen (don’t want to be ripping a kitchen out)
  • Garage or space big enough for a large shed
  • 350k.

Now, notice on a couple of them I put what I want, then a 2nd option for example the ensuite. My other half always wanted an ensuite. BUT for 350k its unlikely. So a master bedroom big enough that we could nick a bit for an ensuite. Opens the options.

Now. I’m not going to lie. I struggled to find 10 things because its just a typical average 3 bed semi I was looking for… but everyone’s list will be different.

Now. When you look through right move. IF a property has 4 of them 10. Then go view it.

Simple. No excuses. Don’t look at it and say “oh but it hasn’t got this” or “it hasn’t got that”. If its got 4 of 10. Then view it.

The reason being, not all agents focus on the right things, quite often an agent will focus on what they feel is a selling point. That may or may not be what attracts you, so there is a high change that some of your options are difficult to gauge until you are there yourself.

Low and behold. My property. Only had 4 of the 10. BUT, we have had a driveway added, a summer house built, opened the kitchen to make a dining area and had a new kitchen fitted. bringing it to now have 8 of the 10. Now. Would I of bought it if it was what it is now, back then. WITHOUT A DOUBT! But. It wasn’t. but I made it what I wanted.

So the lesson here is, the property can always be changed, it doesn’t have to be perfect because you CAN MAKE IT PERFECT.

So. What is your 10 things?