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Should we take deposits for properties?

Should we take deposits for properties? In the UK there is very little commitment for any purchaser to make on a property should they wish to purchase the property which gives the seller little security right up until exchange of contacts, the same for buyers… sellers can pull out at

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‘I want to find a property before I sell mine’

NO! – this is awful… this is normally followed up with ‘because they sell very quick on my road’ or ‘my estate agent told me they wont have an issue with selling it quickly’ – both statements are in now way factual. so why is this a bad options? …

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Should I go for a second viewing?

So many agents now days are so keen to put a deal together they often forget the rule of 2nd viewings. I personally, will not agree a sale to any party unless they have viewed a property twice. why? well its simple. change of heart. On the first viewing its

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