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Market Update – October 2018.

SO, its that time of year again, people are now thinking of moving in the new year and we are noticing a slight decrease in the amount of properties coming on…. or are we? I tend to use Zoopla alot as a point of refrence as all the main agents tend to be on both … Read more

Is your agent acting quickly?

Check out my video explaining how you can conduct a very ‘simple’ test to find out if your agent is acting on Rightmove enquiries fast, and efficient to ensure they capture your potential purchasers at the best possible time. Check out my video:  

Should I go for a second viewing?

So many agents now days are so keen to put a deal together they often forget the rule of 2nd viewings. I personally, will not agree a sale to any party unless they have viewed a property twice. why? well its simple. change of heart. On the first viewing its often quite emotional, you find … Read more