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One call can make all the difference.

One call can make all the difference. I recently met a client whereby we discussed marketing their property. They had a number of agents round from various different models including online, hybrid and high street. On discussing everything with them they were pleased with my proposal. However, they were torn between two. Us being a … Read more

Why is professional photography so important?

Why is professional photography so important? Well its pretty easy to explain. would you send an electrician to do a carpenter’s job? Or expect a bus driver to be the stig? … no. You see, when your looking on Rightmove, Zoopla or Social media you’re only using one of your senses. Sight. So therefore, you … Read more

Property Prices – What is ‘Instruction for reduction’???

Where do I start! – Instruction for reduction! one of the terms I hate the most within the industry! albeit I have not heard the saying mentioned a lot, but I hear and see the tactics being used on a near daily basis… so, what is it? – Instruction for reduction is whereby an Estate … Read more

How to speed up your sale!

SO, I wanted to cover some different ways to speed up the property selling process… In the UK the average transaction can be anything from 6 weeks to 18 weeks or even longer in some cased! That’s anything from 42 days… In the USA some properties sell in as little as 30 days! … so … Read more