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When you are buying a property the agent you are dealing with is acting on the seller’s behalf, which means they have the seller's best interest at heart, as they are paid on a commission basis usually this means their job is to squeeze every penny out of a buyer for their client. We are there to counter this. As we act on the buyer’s behalf ensuring you get the best possible price for the property you wish to purchase.


Nest began in 2014, however our team has experience spanning far beyond this, with experience in property all round Essex from Southend to Stratford, Basildon to Braintree and Chelmsford to Colchester. We have experience with properties from all pricing brackets mean what ever your budget, we can help.


Most families tend to have a preferred solicitor, a preferred mortgage broker, Dr, Accountant, Builder…. So why not an Agent? At Nest we focus on building a lifelong relationship so our client experience is the most important objective. Our agents are on hand 7 days a week, 9am – 9pm meaning as soon as you find that property we are ready to act immediately!


They say the three biggest stresses in life are having children, getting married and moving home.

Your agent will be with you from the first initial consultation right up until you get your keys meaning throughout the process we are there to guide you through the process, we are there to provide constant support, help and advice. Whilst ensuring saving you money AND helping remove most of the stress to make it a much more pleasant transaction.

Welcome to Nest

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The process

We are there to guide you through the process whilst negotiating the best possible outcome.


This first meeting can be done either Face-to-face or over video chat, whichever is more convenient. The purpose of this is to cover what your end goal is, what is your ideal home and cover everything from style, finish, layouts, ‘non negotiables’, budget etc to ensure we have the best understanding of exactly what you are looking for.


Research, Review, Report, that is the next stage in the process, using the information we gathered during our first consultation we will go proactive by contacting agents in your chosen area. You can rest assured that we pick up the phone and speak to them in person to ensure they are fully aware of your search.

The ‘golden’ opportunities are those properties which have not reached the open market so it’s vital to build this relationship with the agents, we will then preview any property which we think may be suitable and report to you immediately with anything which may be of interest.


Once we have created a list of the top properties available or find a golden opportunity we will contact the agent and arrange a suitable time and day that is convenient for you to view this property.

We will also discuss the best protocols along with what to say and what not to say, you are then free to view and simply let us know the feedback and we will deliver this to the agents for you. Saving you plenty of time.


Once you have finished with the viewings and you have found the one for you this is where we come into action, often it is the case that the ‘marketed price’ and ‘acceptable price’ are two separate things.

We use this time to do an in-depth analysis of the market, current conditions, market trends, sold prices and really cut through the sales patter to identify what the true value of a property is.

We then compile (with your input) a negotiation strategy, a ‘walk away price’ and then report to you with our plan.

Once agreed we then put the plan into action using years of negotiation experience along with all the information we have to negotiate with the agent to try and save you as much money as possible.


Once an offer has been accepted we then ensure we speak to all parties you have appointed, this includes your solicitor, surveyor, lender or broker as well as the rest of the estate agents in the chain to ensure every aspect is taken care of in the correct manner and within a reasonable time frame.

The estate agent, who works for the seller is there to ensure throughout this process they defend and protect their client from any further negotiation, however should this be necessary then we will be providing this negotiation too. This could be from issues flagged up on a survey to negotiation the moving date. We are there to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Solicitors on either side (seller and buyer) can often disagree too, or sometimes not communicate very well, we also ensure we ensure both sides are communicating well and resolve any situation where possible to keep the process moving smoothly.

Overall, we are there through each step of the process and even on the day of completion will be liasing with you, the estate agent and solicitor to alleviate as much stress as possible on the big day.


We aim to deliver the same client experience no matter what your budget or position, no matter if you are buying a £100,000 first home or a £1,000,000 second property, Our client experience is of a high standard for all our clients.

Our fee structure is created to keep simplicity but also to incentivise us, so you can rest assured that we will ensure we will save you as much money as possible, we ensure that we at least cover our cost. If we don’t, our fee will reflect this.


  • £200 registration deposit
  • £500 on completion. 
An example: if we negotiate and save you more than £700 of the property price you are better of. BEST OF ALL, as a guarantee, IF we dont negotiate our fee minimum, you pay us less! 

Please contact us if you need any further clarification. 

Our vision is to provide an smooth and informative service for every homebuyer.